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In the not-so-near future, four operatives patiently wait atop a vast research complex, huddled in the faint glow of a portable magnetic shielding generator. Outside of the generator's protection, an orbital EMP deploys, bringing four of five complex reactors offline, at the precise moment the prepared hatch charge is detonated. A small window of opportunity to strike the killing blow to the complex is afforded. The operatives descend into the darkness below and begin the desperate assault on the remaining reactor.

Game Format and Objectives

Complex Crashers is an asymmetrical competitive game of up to 5 players, in which a single player, the complex manager, attempts to thwart the advances of a group of up to four other players, known as the operatives. The operatives are tasked with bringing all five reactors offline simultaneously. The complex manager must defend the complex by incapacitating the operatives simultaneously while keeping at least one reactor online.

Core Mechanics


Before the game begins, each player customizes their operative by selecting an armor/health/ability point ratio. Higher armor and health will enhance staying power and allow better control of vital regions, while more ability points will increase mobility and ability activation.

Additionally, each operative is outfitted with a selection of trainings, weapons, and accessories. This resulting combination of cards describes the actions each operative can take.

Reactor and Technology Grid Customization

Before the game begins, the complex manager must select five reactors and nine complex defenders, each with unique abilities and qualities. During game play, reactors can be brought online and used to stage and deploy the defenders. The complex manager cannot change this decision once the game begins.

Turn Order and Abilities

Turns in Complex Crashers are referred to as "having the initiative". When your team has the initiative, you can activate actions. However, Complex Crashers is built for decision making for both teams, regardless of who has the initiative. To this end, both teams have access to many reactions that can be activated when certain conditions are met. Powerful plays can be made even by only utilizing reactions.

Ability Point Economy

Everything that can be done in Complex Crashers requires the expenditure of ability points. Operatives and the complex manager recieve ability points when they recieve the initiative (when it is their "turn"). Spending ability points also describes the effort the complex manager's defenders or operatives have made until time has passed. By spending too many ability points, defenders and operatives leave themselves incredibly vulnerable. By not spending enough, the complex manager or operatives might give their opponent too powerful a respite.

Attacking With Dice

Ten sided (d10) dice are used. In Complex Crashers, dice are rolled before targets are selected. In many cases this allows dice to be efficiently assigned to targets with a variety of armor values. Abilities that result in an attack specify a number of dice that are rolled. Attacks in Complex Crashers have attack descriptors, which determine how dice are applied to targets.

Reactor Economy

Reactors are the powerhouses that drive the complex defenses. The complex manager uses reactor charges, which are generated over time, through passing the initiative and the revelation of the complex, to stage and deploy defenders. Reactor charges are also used to bring additional reactors online, giving the complex manager a difficult choice to make: Deploy more defenses to slow the operatives, or invest in a more powerful economy.

Complex Layout

The complex is revealed region by region. Whenever an operative is adjacent to an unrevealed region, the complex manager draws a region tile, decides to use or save it, orients it, places it, and then decorates it's edges with blast doors and cover tokens. The complex manager, though bound by some rules, is allowed to design a complex on the fly that best suits their strategy.


As the game progresses, the complex manager stages more powerful defenders by investing precious reactor charges. Once staged, those defenders can be deployed in order to halt the operatives' progress. Operatives advance as well by locating two special regions called tech regions. While in these regions, operatives can unlock new abilities that will allow them to compete with the ever strengthening complex forces.

How Can I play?

Complex Crashers is deployed and up-to-date on Tabletop Simulator via the Steam workshop. Subscribe for free and help build the online community via the join Discord button up top. If you want to play in person, click the Print and Play button up top to download the rulebook and game data.

If you decide to print and play.

This website allows you to print individual cards as needed as updates are pushed. To access this feature, send an email to with your desired username. Then, as cards are updated, you can print them out individually instead of as an entire package.

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Recent Updates

July 29, 2019 - Complex Crashers Update

Card Updates

A set of card changes that clarify original intentions of design.

July 25, 2019 - Complex Crashers Update

Card Updates

New Cards

Rules Changes

Clarified that the complex manager can open a single blast door adjacent to an unrvealed region for the purpose of deployment.

July 19, 2019 - Complex Crashers Update

Card Updates

July 19, 2019 - Complex Crashers Update

Card Updates

In today's demo, it was apparent that the Complex Manager could activate a lot of actions that could be streamlined. By increasing both the cost and in many cases, power of early abilities, game time should be reduced without much shift in balance. Some ability efficiency has been reduced in some cases.

Rules Update

Reactors - Reactors have abilities and qualities. Unless the reactor is both online and revealed, the complex manager cannot use its abilities or benefit from its qualities. Abilities cannot target reactors if they are not revealed. The only benefit unrevealed, online reactors bring is the ability to obtain, store, and spend reactor charges.

July 18, 2019 - Complex Crashers Update

Card Updates

Rules Update

Phase - You can phase through unrevealed regions when you don't need line of effect.