Complex Crashers Early Access

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Print and Play

NOTE: The Print and Play version has lagged behind the Tabletop Simulator version as it currently takes much more effort to update the Print and Play version. When this task is more automated, PaP will be updated regularly. Send a specific request for PaP for manual updates.

Do you want to check out Complex Crashers in its entirety? Download the full print and play version. Please note, this is a work in progress and I would love your feedback on what I can do to make the print and play experience better.

What else do you need?

There are no figures or tokens that will represent any of the operatives or defenders. I've found that the flat bottomed glass tokens you can buy work very well for marking things on the various trackers. If you get a variety of colors for your glass tokens, those can represent defenders. Mark which defender is which color by putting a representative token on that defender card. In a pinch, coins can work.

Other Advice

I've found it helpful to print each type of card (operative training, defenders, reactors) on a different color of heavier paper. They are easier to organize this way.